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Real estate has always been my passion!!!!  I originally started my career in 1993 in Duval and the Clay County areas of northeast Florida at the tender age of 23.  I was newly married to my wonderful husband Dave and being that we were a fairly newly married carried couple, we decided to have a child. Our son Dutch came into this world cooing, happy and he instantly changed my world forever.  That little baby needed me, and I needed to raise him.  I decided to take a break from listing and selling, while still being a referral agent, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for a real estate company.  I was enticed by another agent to work as a buyer’s agent which lead me back to my real estate career path. After a few years as a buyers agent I decided to stop selling so I could spend more time as a mommy.  My journey has always kept me close to real estate and soon I was working at an attorney's office where I assisted clients in setting up living trusts, probate and real estate deed titling of property. After several years, and moving to a new home further from work, I chose to leave. I went on to being a Deputy Clerk at the Clay County Clerk of the Courts in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  While there, I worked with probate and property.  Then finally, the big move that brought me to the current place I just love, Putnam County and the St. Johns River. So here it is, years later and I am back!!!

I never was really far away from my passion as I always encouraged others to buy or sell homes while I referred them along to other agents I trusted and who I am still in contact with today.  24 years later, I am still happily married to the love of my life, Dave. As for that little baby Dutch, he has grown to be one of the finest young men I know!  We had chosen to move to Putnam County 10 years ago from Clay County and we could not be happier!! 

I LOVE PUTNAM COUNTY.  This is the place to be, relaxed lifestyle and family values are what this county is all about. I'd love to show you around and help you find what you are looking for!